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This content is archived from old gaming web-sites. It remains here for posterity and is no longer updated.

Welcome to my Grand-Theft-Auto section. This part is here for archive reasons only. I am an ex-regular of (aka AGGTA). In my time there I built up an extensive knowledge of GTA, GTA:London and GTA 2. I use to run the very popular - which is currently awaiting transfer to Tony Sutton's site.

I am not planning to update this section ever again, which is a shame because it'll miss out on GTA3 and Vice City, which are very good games - they just didn't have the replay factor of the earlier games, and due to it's launch on the PS2 first made me lose interest.

Many thanks to all the people who helped me create the AGGTA Network, and running of the site. A few of the documents remain here. I think I may have the actual site in an archive somewhere if anybody is interested.

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