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New design, and site!Saturday 19th October 2002
I did a great job of never releasing my web site. The idea was to create a spangly web site with everything in it. I was all on course to open one day in the distant future, but then I discovered PHP.

PHP is a great scripting language which is very much like C. It allows you to manipulate web pages and create dynamic content. Rather good if you ask me. Managing web sites are so much easier now.

As my old site worked on SSI I thought it'd be best to start from scratch, it won't be too hard to transfer everything across - I hope.

I have also had to scrap my old news system. It was all very nice and all (newspro), but it was too bulky for my site, and now this current system fits in with the rest of it nicely. With a new news file created each month. So I better keep it updated :)

This is the first working version of the news system posting this, and it's the first part of the site. So it'll be a long time before this is online.