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Resurection.Friday 29th November 2002
On the 24th June 2001 a very much loved member of the Wireplay community died in a bike accident while on holiday in Europe. This shocked the community and it took the community a long time to recover from it. Some people never did.

This person was Whitey. Wireplay made him a memorial Counter-Strike server and the IRC channel #whiteysdungeon was created for his friends in memory.

In the past couple of days it appears that he has been resurrected as "IceWind". His close friends appear to agree it was him, but there isn't a sole who believe's his rather insane story. The biggest thing that I find a problem is with how he returned.

Wireplay collapsed a while after Whitey died and most of the community moved to BlueYonder and created what we have today as BlueYonder gaming. They left the chat rooms, they left the servers and the forums.

IceWind returns. He may have checked the Wireplay forums, but there is no talk of BlueYonder, as that was over a year ago and so there is nothing left to talk about. So where would he check? IRC, all the WPCS community chatted and idled in #wpcsl and #wpcs. There are two bots who sit in that room, one of which is linked to a lot of other bots, and cover every single Wireplay room. None of them have any record of Whitey, or IceWind (aka [icey]) every entering the room.

So how did he know where to go? BY was a nothing when Whitey died. There were a couple of servers run by some idiot (yes, I've spoken to him, he was an idiot).

Interesting eh?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.Thursday 28th November 2002
I went to see this last night. I am not a fan of the series, and view it as a rip off of the Disk World novels by Terry Prachett, but it's still a bit of fun.

The first one was a bit annoying because it was all character building. Luckily they managed to get past that for this one, so it was story all the way through. Much more funnier than the first, and made me laugh in the cinema, along with many others. It still has a long way to go, there seems to be a lot of nice frilly bits around the edges but a large gaping whole in the important bit. The characters are less annoying, but still can't act.

The film on the whole was very enjoyable and well worth an evening out. But then, this is all to keep yourself amused until you get a chance to see Die Another Day and LOTR: Two Towers.

Scare the punters.Monday 25th November 2002
Looks like the mass media in the form of the BBC is doing a nice job of winding up the public by making a big thing of minor security problems with using the net.

Although, on the other hand, the BBC are very consistant, they do bring security to joe public's attention and actively slate Internet Explorer for the insecure beast that it is.

People should really spend some time reading around Gibson Research. Professionals may turn their nose up at it, but it's very handy for checking basic security and firewalls.

Detonator Drivers.Sunday 24th November 2002
I've got a GeForce 4 Ti4600. I haven't updated my drivers for a while, so I thought I would. Currently running Detonator (that's the Nvidia reference drivers) 30.82.

Unable to access multiple display setups.
Unable to play Counter-Strike in 1280x960 (optimum res for me).

Unable to disable V-Sync.
Unable to alter supported refresh rates.
Unable to change back buffer settings.
Unable to use multiple displays.

Result of my upgrade? Well I'm now running 30.82's... again.

New Phone!Saturday 23rd November 2002
So my contract came up a couple of weeks ago and I managed to score a free Ericsson T68i. It's rather funkeh.

It comes with all the features that you really don't need. Like 256 colour display, backgrounds, themed menus, screensavers, InfraRed, GPRS, BlueTooth (and a blue LED!). WAP2, SMS, MMS, E-mail and much much more. Oh, yes, and a Joystick.

I'm happy. If you have been trying to phone me and haven't been able to get through then you'll need to grab my new number off me. It's.... *cough*

Parcel Force... suck.Saturday 16th November 2002
I ordered a router from dabs on Wednesday night, so it was processed and despatched on Thursday (after a minor hickup with Lloyds not allowing online transactions in a bid to combat fraud).

I sat in ernist on Friday, and nothing turned up. I spoke to Parcel Force and they said nothing can be done until Satuday because it could arrive any time during the day. Naturally it didn't turn up.

Then today, Saturday, I phoned Parcel Force. I was told that they tried to deliver it at 11am and 4pm. This was quite surprising as nobody came to my door. After a bit of "er that's a lie, I was there" they admitted to sending the parcel to the wrong place, in fact it wasn't even at the right depot. They then tell me I'll get it on Monday. The 24 hour service that costs me a lot more money.

Why couldn't it go out today? Because their drivers had already gone out, and it was too much effort for them to ask one of them to turn around, or send somebody else out. Of course, I should have phoned earlier. But considering I phoned as soon as their office opened there wasn't a lot I could do.

In short Parcel Force suck. The last thing I had delivered via them failed to turn up. It just sat in their depot and they didn't know why nobody had been bothered to deliver it.

And of course, we use them at work, where they managed to "loose" several thousand pounds worth of GameCube stock. It was the very first delivery of them when they were released. Oh, and last week they lost 42 copies of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Hmmm... good stuff. In short "YOU SUCK".

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