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Splinter Cell [PC]Sunday 22nd December 2002
Splinter Cell, that stunning game which is finally giving people a reason to buy an X-box has had a single player demo released on the PC.

And yes, it looks stunning. The detail in the game is amazing, and the freedom is also astounding, especially for a linear style game.

But, my wish list for the full release is:
1) Being able to rob corpses of their weaponary.
2) The ability to use other items, such as fire extingishers and telephones to club people with.
3) If a door is unlocked by AI and nobody is about to lock it again, then it should stay unlocked (yes, I managed to get locked in a room).
4) Doors should be closable, and shouldn't just swing shut when you least expect it.
5) Really, who would stand up straight and open a door like he does. Raven Sheild style door opening please.

Apart from that, it seems pretty wicked. I don't think PC specs will be an issue as most of the time you'll want to work with the lights out. Even my P200 can render a black screen.

Christmas Cards.Saturday 21st December 2002
So it's that time of year again. Last minute Christmas shopping. I did most of my shopping via a mail order company, which saved some effort on my behalf, and worked out cheaper (discount).

All I had left to do today was buying Christmas cards for the family. Easy enough task... or so you would think. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a funny card that isn't to do with sex or farting? Plus, to top it all off, they are the same cards they have had in the shops for 5 years.

I don't want to send people fluffly pink lacey cards, as I'm not that kind of person, I like sending funny ones. But I really don't want to send my little sister something about having sex, or my Father a card on farting. It's an absolute nightmare. There is a niché market there for somebody who can draw. Decent, but funny cards.

Same applies to birthdays, but then you only need to buy one.

Die Another Day.Thursday 12th December 2002
I went to see the latest James Bond film last night. Die Another Day. Pretty good. Lurvly cars, foxeh ladies and lots of gadgets. Original plot, wasn't much letting go really.

All the other films there is a quite bit inbetween, this one this was shortened to like 10 minutes, but I'm not complaining. Really good film, worth a watch, just don't droole too much over the Aston Martins (or the girls).

What I should complain about is the volume of Warner Village cinemas. It actually hurt my ears it was so loud. Always is, probably about 90db.

Muppet!Wednesday 11th December 2002
So the heating stopped working today at work, which wasn't fun. I managed to get enough heat in the shop from lights and computers to make it possible for me to count money.

Then some muppet comes along and stands right in front of our automatic doors while waiting for a bus. To make things worse he then keeps wondering around, in and out of the shop keeping the doors opening and closing. I had to cunjer (sp?) my doggiest look and stand arms folded staring at him, but alas the dumb fool didn't notice my glare. I had finally flipped when all the heat had escaped, went over to call him some insultive term but the bus came and he left.

Is muppet the best term to discribe him? As muppets are rather funkeh creatures, and are probobaly a compliment. But still, I don't think they (well, maybe Kermit) were that intelligent.

Which game?Thursday 5th December 2002
Currently there is Counter-Strike. It's attempting to be something else with the much delayed release of Condition Zero sometime next year.

Competition is currently standing as Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. Rainbow Six being the defacto counter-terrorist game. But then, around there same time, but the same makers we have Splinter Cell. Which is currently released on the X-box and is making everybody go "oh my, wow, that's lush" etc.

Raven Shield multiplayer demo is out, and is great fun. The question is, which one will win? CZ? It's CS, which everybody likes, but they have removed all the likeable things and turned it into a R6 spin-off, with dated graphics.

RS? It currently has the PC market with the willies. But then there is SC, which is also willifing (is that a word?). So which will win. Splinter Cell, because it's released a month earlier so the dedicated servers will go for that. Justification for both is rare.

Why not CZ? Well, lets face it. It's old and ugly.

QuakeNetMonday 2nd December 2002
The worst run IRC network about? Quite possibly.

It works quite nicely, although there is no way of registering your username, so you have to pay for a bot or some kind to store it while your offline.

And if your bot disconnects then your channel is often free for the taking. This though is against the rules. The feds are always at hand to help you, and remove any troublesome people.

Yeah... right. I spent over an hour in their channel asking for help, none of the 22 there could be arsed to help me. I won't get a chance to speak to them until tomorrow night, and by which time they will probably say, oooo it's too late.

Bunch of muppets, that's what they are. I'm surprised the network has survived this long. By survival I mean you can connect, as it never stays connected to itself for more than 15 minutes.

Useless bunch of kids running it.

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