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Employment.Thursday 30th January 2003
I went for a job at the local hospital network support department. Got an interview, and did very well in the interview, just I hit the infamous experience trap.

There were people with more experience. How do I gain experience without a job, and how do I get a job without experience? Bit annoyed at that, I really wanted to work there, oh well.

Current job is lovely as ever... *cough*

Crackers.Thursday 16th January 2003
Most people have heard of crackers, or more commonly known as hackers. People who try to access things they aren't authorised to, like other people computers. Why they do this I have no idea.

There are basically three types.
  • Script Kiddies - People who use pre-written bits of software to cause annoying havoc to the unsuspecting.
  • Denial of Service peeps - those who use "aquired" proxies over the world (usually by being a script kiddie) and flood your connection so you can't use it.
  • The pro hacker - these are the ones which will try to use software vulnerbilities and unchecked buffers to run code on insecure systems.

I have had a handful of the latter trying to attack my server... well that's what I thought at first but then I noticed they were actaully really quite stupid. Browsing through my logs I see that they were trying to run Windows things. Crafty? No, they didn't even waste 100ms on finding out what operating system I am using on this. At least try dudes!

So where do these hackers come from? All foreigners. I have never had a hack attempt from anybody in the British Isles. I have had a few from China (although I don't know why they bother, they aren't allowed to view web sites out-side of China (ahahaha)). A load from America, but these are problem over-weight geeks sitting in darkened cellers - more script kiddies with too much time than hackers. Most of the attacks worth paying attention to come from Europe. France, Belgium, Germany. All trying the same methods over and over again, and failing.

So don't worry about the English, as we are protective over our own, but worry about the foreigners (hey, I even had one from India!).Tuesday 28th January 2003

Plastic Pints?Friday 10th January 2003
So I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer; which currently sucks a bit, what's with everything being robotic with chips in and stuff (oh, Red Dwarf is on DVD) - oh, and the whole people dying and resurecting again...?

Anyway; Plastic Pints. In every single American teen TV/film thingy, whether it be American Pie, or Buffy, they all have plastic coloured pint cups!! What's going on? Can't they buy real glasses or is it health and saftey? Can't have real glasses on sets with fake-teenagers?

I just don't get it.

World News.Monday 6th January 2003
BBC News 24 shows a 30 minute World News program from America. The idea is to allow the world see what the American's see as the world.

Really quite interesting. A layout of the program tonight:

  1. American tax issues.
  2. American troops and movements.
  3. Police corruption in America.
  4. War in Iraq (ooo an internation subject).
  5. Finally... the American car shows.

Moral of the story? American's don't care what is going on in the rest of the world. People say the British are arogant and don't care about the rest of the world. I can't see the American society even knowing there is a world across the pool of water. I expect US scientist will soon announce a exploration mission across the water with a new fangled theory that there are other worlds.

On another note, has anybody noticed how many wars have been tried to be sparked since Bush came into power? I think the count is 3 currently.

2003... oh joy.Monday 6th January 2003
Well Christmas is over, and the New Year is done. Got a few rather nice DVD's for Christmas, amoungst other things.

What will 2003 bring us? So far it looks like more of the usual. War, and increasing crime at home. Solution? More money in education, and deport criminals.

I have decided to upload my site as it will never be finished so I might as well put it online and add when I get round to it.

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