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Mouse Mats...Wednesday 19th February 2003
I received delivery of an Everglide mouse mat today. Yes, that's right a 15 mouse mat. Why so expensive? Because they are especially designed for er... moving your mouse about. Made of a solid surface, with little glittery bits in it. This means the mouse slides nicely over the mat without resistance, and the glittery bits allow optical mice to track better.

Apparently the RatPadz version is better, but nobody seems to keep them in stock, so I couldn't be arsed trawling the Internet or importing one.

This one is damned fine though. My mouse moves very smoothly across it, and in fact now the cable is hassle as it pulls it away when I let go of the wire pulls the mouse over the mat a bit!

Counter-Strike is a lot easier to play, especially when changing between multiple targets. This does not help my problem of getting confused when two people run at me and I shoot inbetween them...

Lovely things including no little "jittering" by the mouse randomly, as it can track better, and low resistance on the movement. Down side is it's not silent? The surface isn't smooth, it's got a rough effect, which means my mouse makes a noise as it slides... I'm sure I can cope.

WireplayThursday 13th February 2003
The future of Wireplay hangs in the balance...

What is Wireplay? Wireplay is an online GSP, or more correctly, was the online GSP. Alas their fortune went mouldy and they fell apart.

It's currently in new hands, although I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say who yet. These people are planning to run it with 1 part time member of staff - should prove interesting. So far they have agreed to everything the community has asked for, which is nice - but nothing has happened yet.

Hopefully we'll see in two weeks. Along with the requests is a refitted CS server (no more lag), an OFP server, and an IRC server. Which will be nice.

CompatibilityWednesday 5th February 2003
This site's original design could never be launched due to some bugs in a couple of browsers. It looks best being rendered on the Gekko engine, but should work on all 4th generation browsers... at a guess.

Oddly enough, I was using somebody else's computer which claimed to have IE6. I loaded the site and got the usual error message saying that there will be some slight problems... but the site just didn't look remotely like what it is supposed to. It was like CSS wasn't included at all. You couldn't use the menu at all either, which was probably due to a lack of CSS aligning it correctly.

Plus the good old IE bug of drawing invisible table borders. Ah ha, a spot of inspiration in the middle of that sentance and I think I know how to fix that. If there are any massive problems with the site then let me know and I'll try to fix it. I will not redesign for cack rendering on your browser. See the logo to the left saying "W3C XHTML 1.0" - that means this site is coded according to the World Wide Web Consortium's specifications, and the CSS one means that the formatting and alignment is to their specification too.

Signs.Tuesday 4th February 2003
I want to rant about Signs. The film with Mel Gibson in and directed by somebody with an exceptionally unusual surname. This itself sparked several conversations at work to how you pronounce it.

I missed the film at the cinema, but I wasn't too bothered, as I heard mixed reviews. Gave it a wirl on DVD and it was very good. Suspense was great, sounds effects just stunning. Noises brushing past behind you, great stuff. Using sound to the maximum, which is something I have been wanting to see (or hear) in a film for a long time.

Unfortuently it was all let down at the end by ruining any attempt at being sci-fi by making a stupid mistake. Unfortuently I can't say what here as it'll spoil is for the people who haven't seen it. Which is annoying. It's no real bother, but it just made a really good film into a good film with annoying bits.

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