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This war stuff.Saturday 22nd March 2003
I suppose I best say something about the war. Am I for it, am I against it? I have mixed views. It's something that had to be done, but the way that it was executed wasn't the best in my humble opinion.

Should I go out and protest? No, that's even worse. I bet the soldiers feel great with their country backing them 10%.

It also seems that we are doing a better job than the Iraqies at killing our soldiers. All down to helicopter accidents. I feel so sorry for their families. It's not the way to go in war. Still we know they were all performing vital roles.

The actual invasion is stunning, the precision that the military are hitting is unbelievable. A possible maximum of 3 fatalities and 200 injuries. In a full scale invasion and all out war? Stunning. If you consider that on the first night of bombing in World War II over German cities 60000 people died.

I am slightly concerned about Saddam's attitude. Saying that the allied forces will be defeated at the gates of Bagdad. It makes you wonder what he has up his sleeve. I'm also slightly concerned about home, will this spark terrorist attacks? We may be liberating the Iraqi people, but that wasn't the intention of this war, the intention is to stop terrorist attacks. It may be counter-productive.

The news coverage is painful, the same thing being repeated over and over again. Soembody said on Radio 4 that after 11th Sept people who had no connection with the twin towers got seriously ill after obsessing over the tv and the media hype of the attack.

LC Host do it again.Saturday 15th March 2003
6 hours of "planned" maintence. Which was extended due to somebody messing something up.

Of course, nobody was told about this. You had to dig out their IRC channel or web site to go and actively check up for their planned down time.

This doesn't really matter, as it's not expensive enough to warrent any quality from them, but it would have been nice for them to e-mail their customers with a warning. I did suggest this to them, but they told me to, um: "[19:33.42] <@Ted> well try reading THE WEBSITE WHICH HAS HAD INFORMATION ABOUT IT FOR AGES.". Which was nice.

I think my year's payment is almost up, so on enquiring how I go about extending it I got: "[19:36.44] <@Ted> and then you get the annoying people who ask questions when they know your busy .."

Customer service, gotta love it. I think I'll be moving instead of renewing.

Freelancer.Thursday 13th March 2003
Recently I've been playing Freelancer. It's a rather good game. Remember Elite? It is just like that, except the graphics are far better.

Story line is turning out to be good, but rather intrusive. Plus currently the only nice looking ship I've found so far to buy is the heavy fighter in the Liberty system, and when you move on through the game you are forced to buy a better, uglier ship.

The game is out in America, but it's still about a month away here in the UK, so you can put up with the immensly short demo, or "aquire" the game by other means.

If Microsoft insist on not releasing it at the same time internationally then they are just asking for trouble.

Menu ItemThursday 13th March 2003
I've fixed my sub-menu rendering in Internet Explorer before you roll over.

Turns out that IE still needs old fashioned details in tags, and doesn't fully use the value in CSS. This bug also appears in Netscape 7. It isn't in the latest versions of Mozilla though, which means it won't be in the next version of Netscape.

It also means that menus like mine can't be used if you want to keep your code XHTML 1.1 complient.

Music Piracy.Friday 7th March 2003
The music industry is down 4% over last year. This is due to, apparently, piracy. With all this music that is avaliable on the Internet people don't buy music any more, but download it for free.

The same could be said about the film industry. As broadband users are the main culprit of downloading media content. With films so easily avaliable on the Internet you would suspect a similar trend appearing in the sales of DVDs and Videos. Ah, but what is this, sales are actually up over the film industry, and so is traditional piracy.

So the question is then posed; why is the music industry suffering, and not the film industry. You will find your answer in the charts.

1) Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Yes, fair enough, it's goodish. Well done.

2) DJ Sammy - The Boys of Summer
What the hell!!? Now I am a fan of Dance and Trance, but this is pure unadolterated ****.

3) TATU - All The Things She Said
The song isn't that great, video is the only reason people paid attention to it, even that wasn't that good.

4) Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
er... how did that get there?

5) Ainslie - Keep Me a Secret

6) Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River
Ah yes, one of these weird genres that doesn't come under the umbrella or music. R&B? Hip-hop? not entire sure, both horrific.

7) Melanie C - Here It Comes Again
Nothing special, but better than #6.

8) Sinead Quinn - I Can't Break Down
Yeah, this is ok congratulations on a top 10 spot.

9) Kelly Rowland - Stole
There we go! Another one, what is this?

10) Eminem - Lose Yourself
Need I say more? He has skill, I don't deny it, but it's not exactly "chart" stuff. And his lyrics are much to be desired.

Now this is by no means my reflection on my musical tastes. I've never been a great fan of main-stream music. But whatever happened to Rock & Pop that is supposed to be in the charts. The amount of shear excrement that is the charts today is a simple way of reflecting how the music industry is doing.

What they need is a new band which hasn't been manufactured to come along. There isn't anything in the above that I would buy.

Splinter Cell!Thursday 6th March 2003
Weee... finally released on the PC. Single Player only, horrible to install, and lovely to play.

Come on 3 CDs (why not just put it on a DVD eh?), labelled 1, 2 and 3. You install, it'll then ask for the play CD. So you have to then figure out if play means 1, 2 or 3. It turns out to be 3, the last one you check.

The game itself is stunning, the graphics are lushes, with shadows being cast on and by everything. It's all about stealth, but it's too tempting not to knock a guy out when you can. Really stunning game, but rather short, and very linear. Also very addictive.

Replay value is there, as you can play it again but try and do things differently, e.g. not kill anybody or not set off any alarms.

Although that said, Raven Shield is coming out at the end of the month... mm... multiplayer...

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