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America does it again.Tuesday 22nd April 2003
The American way of life, it's great. The American government, elected by joe-public to enforce good, and protect their nation and world for future generations.

We have already seen America discard the Koyoto agreement. This is to protect the Ozone layer, and the future of the environment. Why? Because it would cost industry too much to stop pumping polution into the air.

So what now? America has just threatened to pull funding on the World Health Authority because of a report saying people eat too much sugar. I don't have any problem with that report, I know I eat too much sugar. America has a problem with it? Why? Perhaps the several billion pound market for sugar, a lot coming from America.

But perhaps America is correct, perhaps sugar isn't as bad as the world health organisation thinks. I mean, 1 in 4 Americans are obesce. They obviously have a good sense of health.

Jonny EnglishSaturday 12th April 2003
Oh yes, Rowan Atkinson is brilliant. This film has to be the funniest film I have seen since... um, ever? I laughed so hard I worried about my inability to breathe.

Empire magazine didn't review it, but I think it was View magazine that gave it a pathetic score, and some other reviewer. Claiming it was predictable. I can assure you, the end is a complete surprise. The jokes were excellent. Some were predictable, but that what was made them funny. It's a spoof, you can't have spoofs if you aren't going to play on the original subject.

Plus the predictable jokes were only such because they made it even more hilarious. Seeing something coming a mile off then dreading it actually arriving.

I recommend this film to anybody with a sense of humour. So this is not for the film critics (yes, because like the oscars they discard talent for money and spin).

Dead RAID.Thursday 10th April 2003
RAID? Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. In reality it's not entirely Rudundant, especially if you are a boy racer such as I and use RAID-0. And it's certainly expensive to such morsals like myself.

I was playing Freelancer (yes, I'm strangely addicted, as it's dead boring) and my hard disks made funny noises and my computer died, so I thought I'd improve cooling on my computer. A week later I tried again and all was fine, but then it died again. Second time round my computer wouldn't boot saying a stripe (RAID-0 means 2 disks are used, and striped) had been removed.

Oh how I felt bad, I mean really bad. First panic, then horror, shock, and finally berievment (or however you spell it). But joy oh joy all hail Highpoint Technologies. They were kind enough to send me a little app they were working on that rebuilds array. And woohoo, it's back, almost perfectly. I was missing the software hive of my registry, and I stupidly over-wrote it with an emergancy recover one before I realised I should have checked the disk on a low level to find it. But hey ho, my machine needed a reinstall anyway. It had been on the same build for almost a year (with no problems which is more stunning).

It allowed me to try out a slipstream Windows install (service packs and drivers applied as you install and not after in pain staking process of rebooting lots).

The power of suggestion.Thursday 3rd April 2003
How powerful is suggestion? I was told in the pub the other night of a TV program (or something), where a person bet on a losing horse, and it lost. He then went to the counter and said "This is the winning ticket, could I have my money please", and got it.

It's a bit silly if you ask me, but by the looks of things somebody is trying it on a larger scale.

Yes, Iraq, the boring old subject. Iraq claims thaty they are winning the war. The US are nowhere near the capital, and they will never take Iraq. Of course my view is biased as I watch UK television so I only get what the miltiary will allow us to see. But it certainly seems that Iraq is relying on the power of suggestion to win the war.

Will we see a victory in Iraq, followed by Iraq saying "er, no, we won, what you talking about?"

CGI or Models.Tuesday 1st April 2003
Movies are getting big and better by the year. We saw the death of good old Yoda and reborn as a CGI character. Which is strange as on the Episode I DVD there is a special feature mentioning that Yoda won't be replaced with CGI...

But how good is CGI? Sure it looks nice, but does it look more real? I have been watching the Red Dwarf DVD's and recently bought Batman DVD (Tim Burton, before CGI). I must say that models look so much better. The look more "real". CGI often falls down on texturing but bump mapping is picking up. Large models are indistingishable from real life. Take the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. The big battle being waged, that's done on a model. If you look closely at the characters on the battle mounts you can see they are CGI, but you can't as easily spot the model as being significantly smaller than the real size.

CGI is probably the way to go, but it has a long time yet. It's lacking that real feeling.

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