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Opera WoesSunday 18th May 2003
Opera users are getting incompatibility errors when loading this site. Which shocked me a bit when I heard. So I downloaded Opera and tried it out, and it works fine, just with the error.

As it should do. Opera is a complience browser. But, strangely enough it reports "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1) Opera 7.11" that as it's version string. Which annoyingly includes MSIE, triggering the compatibility error, and a 4th Generation browser, and I would say it's a 5th Generation browser.

Anyway, I've included a dirty hack to get around it and Opera users should be just fine. Just need to find a way of convincing Opera developers to use Mozilla/5.0 in their version line.

Poll, yipee.Sunday 11th May 2003
I have finally pulled my finger out and got round to writing a working poll system. I'm quite chuffed I actually got it to work. All other polls I've written have used a database to control them, but this one doesn't - which is quite clever.

Why files not databases? Project really, this entire site is file based. Cons? Less secure, slower, harder to manipulate. Pros? None really... just something to do.

So you may or may not see interesting things in the poll section, if I update them or something. Perhaps I should make a concious effort at completing the rest of the site first... who knows.

Real - Racist?Saturday 10th May 2003
While thinking up new and original infomation to put into the registration details of the latest Real Player I noticed something strange.

Pick a country. I usually go for Afghanistan, simply because it's usually at the top of the list; but on this list is wasn't there.

Fair enough, some programs don't have full listings of countries, just their target markets. Although that said the list for Real registration is damn long and features some very obscure places. So why no Afghanistan? Mistake? Probably. But, there are other missing countries. Iraq, Iran and Korea. All countries the USA seems intent on waging war with.

So, have the people at Real gone to take their governments policy a step further and discriminate against the people of these countries? Tut tut eh?

Visor MusicWednesday 7th May 2003
The rather funkeh band Visor now have their forums online and their mailing list working. Thanks to? Me, yes, of course.

I don't plug, so my reason for posting this? To tell you to get hold of their music, or at least go to one of their gigs. Sure proof that the world of music is not completely dead, there is hope. It comes in the form of Visor!

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