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Fear of crashing.Tuesday 12th August 2003
In the news today. Technical problems with a plane.

A seven hour delay happened when a faulty light bulb was fixed on a 757 (you know, probably the most common passenger plane in existance). In a unheard of event the Pilot told the people at the air port what the problem was and it had been fixed.

The next move was rather surprising. People refused to fly on the plane. Was this a protest to having to wait 7 hours? No, it was because people were scared of crashing. Yes, that's right, crashing due to a faulty light bulb.

A nice quote from the BBC's web site:
"If the truth be known, we thought it was a decision between life and death." - I mean, come on!

My holiday last year resulted in a take off from Bristol with a prompt landing in London due to a couple of large birds flying through the engines. Nothing was wrong, but it had to be checked. If these people panic over a faulty light bulb then I can't imagine what they would have done over a seagull in the engine.

Planes and those holiday things.Thursday 7th August 2003
That great British trandition of jetting off to the heat and sun of other worlds, or at least countries. I had the luxuary of flying in my first Boeing 767 the other day. The newest, yet not the biggest of the Boeing passenger planes.

It was nice, spacious etc, but unfortuently for me I went on a package holiday which took off from Gatwick, meaning we had every idiot with enough money to go on holiday, and with the current pleeing of holiday companies that isn't much these days.

So the football fan from Manchester sits in the seat in front of my friend. His seat right back chatting with enough volume to wind up the entire craft, and some others. The kind of idiot you would hope couldn't understand the safety instructions in case of an accident. During landing he had to have his seat put up for him by an air hostess. Then while everybody was nicely strapped down, he was up out of his seat leaning over the seat in front talking to somebody. Dumbass.

Of course, being one of the more packed flights, and at 7am in the morning everybody was feeling a bit rough, and was still waking up (although I hadn't been to sleep for 24 hours by this stage). Then we have some random people who think it's a sensible idea to take kids on holiday. No, not the 8 year olds who can be slightly too excitied with the concept of another country, but the under 2's. Who have incredible difficulty with getting to grips with hurtling down a runway at 200mph with large engines roaring by their ears. Add to the sudden change in air pressure as the plane shoots straight up so not to annoy the residents of London. Two hours in they slowly stop crying and screaming.

I used to enjoy flying, but since being a tall person the lack of leg room and the increase in the general inbred (snobbish ain't I), I am beginning to learn to loath it.

I think one of the worst things is the extreme false happiness of the air hostess. Their smiles so big I felt quite ill. I mean, please it's 7am on a Sunday morning, I'm not smiling, you shouldn't be either.

Ah well, holidays are always good. Roasting in insane temperatures (10 degress lower than the UK of course). Enjoying being waited on and such. And no work!

Look out for my next installment of news "The annoying people at the table next to you at breakfast with the kid they can't control and the enjoyment it has with smashing metal to china". Some people gain too much money without learning to act around other people.

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