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Computer HeatThursday 25th March 2004
It's April, the showers are on the way, but so are the sunny days. We've seen a couple of days of sun; which reminds me of the horror that is known as "keeping your computer cool in the summer heat".

So, this year I'm trying to be prepared. I've just bought a nice fat case for my computer, and put in a few extra fans. Updated the CPU heat sink, yadda yadda ya...

The CPU still gets hot when going full whack, but the speed it cools down to room temperature afterwards is highly impressive. I now have an insane number of fans, and my computer sounds like a large aircraft while on (instead of a small aircraft as before). This will mean I will have to switch to "silent" fans to try and keep the general noise to a minimum.

Still, I now have 3 fans in the front of the computer, including one in the hard drive bay, one in the side for the PCI bus, and two in the rear for extracting heat. I don't have my PCI exhaust in any more - doesn't seem much point at the moment.

Case itself is big, ugly, and off-white. And no, there is NO window in the side. Although due to the PCI fan you get a red glow from inside the case, and a blue glow from my bluetooth adaptor at the back.

Naturally, I wired everything up the wrong way round. The fans were all running backwards first time round, and none of the system LED's are working; so I will have to fix that sometime. Fun fun fun, only taken me all evening to shift cases, still have to clear up the mess I've made.

New newsMonday 15th March 2004
I'm wondering, I have written a new XML based news system, a lot more spangly in it's features, and easier to use for me.

Should I switch my news over? I've got no idea, it's a lot of effort to transform all my news entries into XML style documents. Do I need advanced features that XML offers?

Perhaps I should finish the rest of my site first.

Bowling for ColumbineSunday 7th March 2004
I finally got round to watching the Oscar winning documentary "Bowling for Columbine". Really good film, and I think it highlights some very key issues.

Fear. Why do you keep to lit streets, why do you lock your doors, why do women wear handbags cross their sholder in certain areas? Because of fear, society is scared of being robbed, attacked or so on.

Why are we scared? I've never been robbed, I've never been chased. I've had a run in with some youths in the shop I used to work in, but nothing much. Yet, I still lock my doors, secure my PC, keep my phone and wallet where I can see it. I've got no reason to do this.

I am conditioned to do this by the media. I turn on the news, and what do I see? The local news should provide me with current affairs and things of interest in the community. Such as events and things worth noting that happened. National news should tell me what is happening to our nation at the top level. What's being done with our bugets, and so on.

What do I see? I see a women attacked down an alley-way in the next town. I see how my local hospital will kill me because of their low stats. I see how our country has rising crime rates, and how I should hide in my room with more locks than fort-knox (sp?).

I would say there is only one real way to attack this mass problem, and that is to sort out TV. It has been a long gripe of mine that TV now is truely appauling. We need to replace the head of content (or whoever is in charge of such things) at the BBC and replace it with somebody who is out for entertainment and education for the good of society, not just drumming mindless junk into people's minds because it's good for ratings.

The media, especially the BBC have a duty and responsibility to help educate and improve society as a whole. Reality TV, Cops, Excessive news on how a kid has been murdered... these things do not do that.

New Hosting!Monday 1st March 2004
I have finally moved my domain over to One & One hosting. Recommended by my good friend 'FiRe'.

Comes with all-sorts of spangly things, but I've got the slightest suspicion that "unlimited ftp access" really means "unlimted to limited accounts with limited names".

Either way, it works, and is a lot faster. Being hosted in Germany instead of America (as my previous host), meaning I get a perfectly acceptable 30ms latency instead of 200ms as before.

PHP support here is much better, so hopefully I'll be able to juice up some things (like the gallery), and also has support for mcrypt, which is nice.

Down sides seem to be SSL support isn't on the domain, but through a redirect - which sucks. No anonymous FTP, which sucks muchly (wonder if I can write a wrapper somewhere). E-mail servers aren't setup per domain, but use a communial thingy, resulting in very annoying usernames that are impossible to remember.

Aside from that, things look ok. Of course, I've lost my last few entries to my site, but hey, easy come, easy go.

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