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Strange going ons...Tuesday 20th April 2004
I have one of these funky keyboards that are bent in two, along with extra buttons at the top that do a few handy things. My most favourite button is the volume control.

This stopped working the other day. Bit of a surprise to me, it just shows the volume on the screen, but doesn't actually change.

To add to the mystery, when a pop-up/error/alert comes up on my screen, my PC-speaker goes "beep". Which is odd, as it never did before. More oddly, an extensive bit of registry breaking hasn't managed to disable this either.

I'm confused and hurt that my computer would do such a thing to me.

On a lighter note, I bought a car, and was slightly concerned and travelling at 20mph through small roads. The concerning thing was I thought that was fast, and yet I ride my push bike at higher speeds.

Music? Denied.Thursday 1st April 2004
Sitting down to dinner today my sister asks if somebody can book tickets to the Glastonbury Festival this year. My father agrees, but points out that tickets won't be available until 8PM when they go on sale.

This is when I decide to pay attention. Remembering vaguely the quote on the news in the morning going along the lines of 8PM being ideal for everybody to be able to order them.

I then have to point out that if everybody is going to be ordering them, and they usually sell out in under 24 hours then the web-site selling them would die. Through a Denial of Service attack (well, not attack really as it's not intentional).

Of course, come 8PM it doesn't work, and all the "pfff, what do you know, they will have thought of that" and so on were now fustraited clickings.

2 hours on and they are still going at it. *click* - time out, *click* - time out...

I would like to offer my congratulations to the organisers of The Glastonbury Festival and their righteous decision to allow only one company ( to retail tickets - and of course, believe that their servers could cope with the few hundred thousand people that will try to connect at the same time.

Having two or three web sites retailing them would indeed be silly, and so would have opening sales at 2am one day to allow people to order before work, during lunch hours, on return from school/work, after dinner etc. Instead of everybody in mid-evening when people have nothing better to do apart from watch Eastenders and write rants on web sites...

On another note, I'm liking how my current poll of how do you like your job is coming along. Only 16% say yes, 50% say no!

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