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Virtual mayhemMonday 31st May 2004
Just to keep things fun I am writing this virtually. This is being written from a Windows 2003 system, which is actually running on a Virtual PC. This in turn is running on my main PC, which is on the other side of the room. This is all in turn controlled by my laptop.

The lag is pretty acceptable, although I wouldn't want to play Counter-Strike like this. My major problem is with the mouse. It doesn't capture correctly, which is a pain in the arse. It's surprising how hard, or in fact, impossible Windows is to use with no mouse. Especially when the Start key works on your local machine, and not on one burried deep in windows/virtual machines.

But hey, it's all a laugh. Doubt I'll ever use this again, but there we go...

Bath Music FestivalSaturday 22nd May 2004
The annual opening of Bath's music festival was tonight. The usual event, large stage in the park, classical music, good beers and fireworks.

Although it has changed in quality. There used to be a proper show put on for the residents, now it's just an excuse to get drunk. Floating about the park I bumped into several people from all different groups of friends I know across the city. Although one thing came apparent. The further you walk down the part the increase in noise - yet the decrease in stages and speakers.

It is an excuse for every teenager to go out and get drunk. Secure in the knowledge that the Police are too stretched to care unless they start to cause problems.

It's a real shame. The music was a little too quiet and you couldn't hear unless the full orcastra was going. There used to be lots of people having a picnic before, now it's more like a concert venue with people pushing past each other.

It's really good that it's become popular, but it's more now about the people selling food and drink around the edges and getting drunk. It's no longer about the music. There is good music going on all over the city this week in pubs and clubs - in the streets everywhere. Although the vast majority of the people at the opening won't know that - and probably most of the people on the lower slopes of the park would even care...

It's a shame that these people don't get to witness good music.

New laptop!Monday 17th May 2004
Woohoo, I have a new laptop.

Previously boasting a Dell Latitiude 400MHz baby, this is a bit of a step up. HP Pavilion 2.4GHz Pentium 4. Although it's about twice the size!

Seems ok, I've got SuSE 9.1 installed on it and running fine (I think). I have just discovered that the rat pad is in the wrong place and I keep hitting it when typing... Ah ha, but there is a button to turn it off, problem solved.

Why did I go buy a new laptop? Why indeed... I leant my laptop to my friend who is at college. I soon realised that I want another one. Plus my 400MHz really wasn't great for power hungry things. This is basically a portable computer. I wouldn't really want this one on my lap, and it is insanely powerful and has a full size keyboard - which is nice.

My same friend requires an Apple Mac for her course, so she bought an iBook (grrr, they are so nice). So I bought something that could give it a run for it's money. Then another friend goes and buys an identical spec'ed (but probably physically smaller) laptop for 200 cheaper... Ah what fun it will be.

I'm just trying out SuSE 9.1 as a main operating system now. I have never used SuSE with a GUI before, only with a console. Seems quite nice.

mail()Monday 10th May 2004
Ah, heaven!

My current project is to mod vbulletin3's user system into a user/content management system. This is all fine, but I realised today that my development server isn't sending e-mail from PHP.

Why would you want to know this? I doubt you would, but if I write it down here when I have the problem again hopefully it'll come up in a search engine.

Running Redhat 9.0 (yes yes, I will get SuSE 9.1 when it's released on the 4th June). I can use sendmail from my bash shell just fine, but when PHP runs it (through apache) nothing happens, although it appears in the log.

Finally after much pondering and high blood pressure I figured out that I needed to put a '-t' into the sendmail command line.

So, in the php.ini I now have:
/usr/sbin/sendmail -t

It works, heaven! Hope this helped somebody who ran the same queries through Google a zillion times.

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