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XviDWednesday 30th June 2004
I was told that it XviD is better than DivX, just haven't got round to trying it. Today I am off work with a painful sinus', awful headache, hacking cough, and that lovely dizzy feeling you get with such things.

With this spare time of laying in bed making whimpering noises I set my computer off doing my first ever XviD rip. Currently I would put a standard TV episode into 350MB. I have pulled of the same but in 170MB. Audio in MP3 96Kbps.

Highly impressive, now I just need something to rip...

XviD is open source, which can be downloaded and compiled with Visual Studio (etc) from: or if you don't have a compiler, then you can download binaries from:

Write speedSunday 27th June 2004
Here I am with a 733MB ISO image I need to put onto a CD, alas I need all files on the CD so I can't make it smaller. Yes, that's right, I only have 700MB CD's.

So I come up with the bright idea of using a DVD-ROM. Bit of a waste of 3GB's, but hey. Shove disk in, hit burn.

Same writer I use to write CD-ROM's with. A full CD takes about 12 minutes to burn at top speed on my DVD burner. Expecting the same amount of time to be taken when writing to a DVD too. Nope, 3 minutes it took. What's going on there?

Why can it burn a DVD quicker than a CD when CD is simpler technology!? How very odd, I think I will start buying just blank DVD's now. I don't know anybody who doesn't have a DVD-ROM drive so it's not an issue with not being able to read them back, and the price difference isn't very big any more...

Outlook issuesFriday 25th June 2004
Outlook is not something I would ever use by choice, but it's something that our company requires. All fine until my Outlook went all weird, like.

Normally running Outlook 2000 I foolishly ran Outlook 2003, and it all went wrong from there. The main problem was when I closed Outlook it would hang telling me to please wait for Outlook to exit. Naturally, it never did, I would have to kill the process to close it. Meaning my settings were never saved.

It wound me up to such an extent I deleted my user profile and recreated it, knowing full well this would lose me all my settings for everything else too. Of course, sod's law says that this won't work, and I've just lost my settings for nothing. How true.

Finally after much playing I fixed it. How? Well what to do is this:
1. Run outlook with /safe on the end, see if it closes fine.
2. If it does, then it's probably a plugin/add-in issue, if not goodness knows.
3. Tools > Options > Other > Add-ins > Uncheck everything
4. Restart normally (i.e. no switches)

Hey presto, it should all be ok. If not it's something else.

Environmental mattersSunday 6th June 2004
I saw 'The Day After Tomorrow' at the cinema the other day, very good film I thought. Not sure about the family plot going along with it, could have done without it.

The film pointed out that we can expect our demise if we continue to abuse our planet then we will be paying dearly for it. So one would expect a bit of contemplation when people left the cinema. But no, of course not, this was Bristol. So I spent the last few minutes of my trip to the cinema picking my way through the litter people had scattered across the floor. Nice to see people pay attention to these things.

My personal gripe against the environment is pollen, yes I am a Hayfeaver sufferer. I am currently on some form of tablet that does a damn good job, but not perfect. On recommendation by somebody at work I have got hold of some Lavander Honey, a spoon a day is apparently brilliant.

I haven't had honey in ages, yum, it's nice. Natures sweeties. No idea if it works well or not, I haven't been out much today. I will find out tomorrow, BBQ and all.

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