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Honour, respect? No, coward.Saturday 17th July 2004
It's nice to see my poll has shifted into more people like their jobs than not.

My current job is great. Love it, it's just what I want. Although I had a slight hick-up today.

My boss called me over today, and said that somebody had complained about me. This shocked me, as I don't really see myself as an offensive or an especially annoying person. Although the complaint was I spent too much time talking - and encouraging people to leave their job!

Ok, so background on the subject. I worked for the same company before this job, but I was doing the shaved-chimp job. Now this week I have been working until 8, so I have been taking my dinner break at about 4/5pm. Not many other people are about then, so I spend a little time talking to my old team. Now this I accept is probably distracting to them, and isn't overly responsible of me as they were supposed to be working. Although I'm sure I make up for it by answering all the questions about their job they still ask me (nothing related to my job).

But hey, not a problem. I accept I shouldn't really chat to people in work, and should keep it to breaks and what-not.

For the next bit I have to stress how painfully horrific that old job was. So bad in fact, that there is only 1 person left in the entire department from the beginning (a year ago). 1 team leader signed off with stress, and promptly quit. Several people who just had to laugh at how insanely bad it was, and walk out - with no other jobs lined up. Several other monkey people also off ill with stress. So everybody, yes everybody, is looking for other jobs. Serveral people have gone back into retail, and lower paid jobs (hell, I'm getting less now because my current job doesn't pay commission) - but it's out of that job.

Due to this desperation to change jobs my friend said, for a joke, natch, that she would like to be a receptionist. So when one came up on the job board I ran said friend and told her - for a laugh. Conversation naturally proceeded, e.g. what else is there, and so on and so forth.

So that has to be the grounds for the second part of the compalint - so I presume, as I can't remember of any other time I have spoken about job changing in ear shot of anybody else. Plus the reference from the job board was mentioned.

So what's the big deal, and what's this reference in the title? I've already said that I shouldn't distract people when they are working, and the job thing, well that could just be a missunderstanding - or more realistically, managers sore about their team not wanting to stay (not their fault, outside of their control).

The issue is, the way it was communicated. As I said I was shocked at this news. Which is odd, because it clearly came from a senior person from my old department. People who I have gone out socialising with; whilst not all the senior staff I wouldn't class as friends, I would say that I they were good collegues ones I would treat with the same respect I would treat my friends with - and expect the same in return.

So one of these people who I have worked with for various lengths of time (myself being the longest serving in the department to the time I left) had a problem with me. My desk happens to be 2 feet away from them. What do they do to resolve the problem?

As anybody would expect, they took me aside one afternoon and said "Please could I ask you not to spend so much time chatting to my team(s) as it is a distraction and they are unable to work - I would also appriciate it if you didn't encourage to leave; as we are understaffed and overworked as it is".

Then, why the rant, yes you got it, it didn't happen like that. Whoever it was didn't have the common decency, honour or respect to do that. No, they went straight over my head directly up to the top of my department and logged a complaint!

Resulting in my boss having to take time out of his very busy day to tell me off. This will of course sour his view on me, as I haven't had much interaction with him. This really annoys me, as this person, who I would a close collegue has gone and put my immediate future into jepordy.

That's not the worst of it, that's something I can handle as I am quite capable of proving that I am a good member of staff for my current department.

The thing that REALLY ****** me off, I mean, REALLY winds me up. That is, so much I am fuming; so much I couldn't even program a simple function today becuase I was so distracted. So very very much (got the idea yet?) is...

This person was too cowardly, and too down right lowly to come and face me themselves. Somebody I've worked with happily for a long period of time without a problem was too scared to talk to me in private but had to do the dirty thing and go round my back.

What is the world coming to? Just full of cowards. I cannot ask who made the complaint, that would be very rude of me. So I am left with the knowledge that somebody I have been friendly with for a long time has stabbed me in the back - and I have no idea who. Might bets are hedged, but that's only because I don't want to face the fact that it might be one of the others who I would consider friends.

I was really at a loss at the end of the day, who can I trust, who can't I? The people I have be a major part of my life for the past year are suddenly no longer trust worthy? Whoever it was has done themselves, and the rest of the department a big disservice.

But, what is done is done. Some people have a perverted view on the world, with mixed priorities. Where push themselves to a more superiour feeling (e.g. by lodging a formal complaint when somebody is smiling). Where business is about making people work and not enjoy themselves constantly.

I expect these people are not happy, and I am feel sorry that they have to resort to this.

I am a self confessed meglamaniac, but I learnt when I was young at school that being in power doesn't make you better. If you are in a position of authority then you should respect that privilege and be a role model for the people who work for you. You can gather all the power you want, but being a tyrant is fundamentally wrong.

I've ranted (this is about the 3rd time, but defently the most lengthy) - and it's now off my mind. I don't hold anything against the person who did this. It's a shame that I apparently don't see eye-to-eye with somebody, and that I am too much of a intimidating person to speak to.

On another note, I've just watched the film "The Batchelor", something I never managed to watch in my days working in a video shop - good fun to watch, not overly chic-flickish, worth watching sometime.

Creative Nomad Zen Vulnerbility.Monday 12th July 2004
I have a nice Creative Nomad Zen Xtra MP3 player. 60GB Hard drive jobbie. Lovely thing, apart from the front. It rattles a bit, and comes off too easily to get to the battery. Real shame, it would be perfect if it weren't for that.

Or would it? I dropped it today! Shock horror, bouncing a hard disk over the floor. Problem was, it landed on where the headphones were plugged in on the end. It no longer makes noise.

So after struggling with these tiny screws everything has these days I find a loose 6v something another, looks like a diode. Which was smashed off the PCB by the headphone jack (which is in turn loose, but can be easily soldered back on). The problem comes with this diode.

It's just under the LCD display, which is soldered in place, it's not on any cunning clip, or socket. It's physically soldered in. Meaning any of the electronics under it is unaccessable.

This is going to be an annoying one. Will require a presision solder tip and a very steady hand... I think I'll get my old man to do it. Always a bit better at that sort of thing than me.

Now just to get my soldering iron back off my friend.

Today...Saturday 3rd July 2004
Today I am mostly fighting with Samba. I have setup a PDC on a Samba server (wasn't easy), and it is now running (ish).

Although I've struck a problem, I can't add myself into the Domain Admins group. I'm using Samba 3, which works differently to Samba 2.2. I need to map Unix groups to NT groups, which I have done. Of course, it still doesn't work - natch.

I think I need to somehow specify something to do something with linking something to something else. Or something...

All this so I don't have to maintain passwords on different computers in my house (ultimate lazyness).

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