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Simple, yes.Thursday 26th August 2004
Boys will be boys. It's not big, it's not funny - well, yes it is.

<@Straits> wot wos that command u told me
<@Straits> the 1st 1
<@Dash> echo telnet > /dev/kmem
<@Straits> it wosnt telnet 20160
<@Straits> permission denied
<@Dash> shame

Doom 3Thursday 26th August 2004
I've recently got one of the most awaited games for the past two years. Doom 3. Not really a sequal from the previous Dooms, but the same sort of theme.

Doom and Doom II went along the theme that Hell took over a research centre on Mars. Doom 3 surprisingly is the same story. Although this time ID (the developers) decided to take a leaf out of Valve's book (makers of Half-Life) and start off with the world working normally.

Going to the base to investigate strange accidents, after a while things naturally go wrong and you find yourself shooting the same old same old.

Which leads to the problem. It may be the same old same old, but there is a catch. The graphics are immense. The lighting in the game works over every surface creating a stunning environment. Then there is the 3D sound, and no backing music.

This all creates a world which you can get lost in. Just, you wouldn't want to. The plot, as far as I can tell is, you go to Mars, Hell invades with demons and what-not of every shape and form. These lurk in all sorts of dark corners. So a pretty deep environment, and a very basic, but the worst possible kind.

I'm a few levels in, but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to go on. Such a scary game.

I wonder how long it is going to be until Doom 3 is blamed for violence and what not. The kids that attack their friends, and society blames Doom 3 because they were playing it. It will be another case of the developer gets it in the neck because parents don't care enough to pay attention to the legal rating of 18 stamped on the box.

Same old rant for the same old game. I used to work in a video shop and the amount of parents who said "oh it's alright he plays it round his friends house" is disgusting.

But hey, what's it too me?

Where to find music...Monday 2nd August 2004
You can't find music anywhere normal these days, don't even try the charts. Adverts are my current resource, some people with a musical ear there.

My latest, an advert for BBC3 for the Summer 2004 comedy shows. After much searching and patching together I managed to get the names of 3 tracks. One for the comedy advert, one for the drama, and the other for the documentries.

Comedy (the important one):
Junior Jack feat Robert Smith - Da Hype

Dub Pistols - Problem Is

Drama (don't like it, but somebody else searching the net might):
Angel City - Touch Me

Da Hype, excellent song, I recommend it highly.

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