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Valve SuckTuesday 16th November 2004
Yes, they do indeed.

Gotta love the cretins they have working for them. Steam what a stupid bit of software that is.

I just paid to buy Half-Life 2, which I was told I couldn't return as they won't refund them. Just for interest this is illegal as consumer protection laws allow products to be return within 14 days of sale.

Now Steam has naffed up. The network is too busy so it can't register the game properly, and now it's saying that the game is unavailable to play. What a load of junk it is.

Valve, Half-Life was good. Then you got cocky when you bought Counter-Strike. Which was also good before you got your hands on it. Half-Life 2 looks like it has potential, but Steam, really, go stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

8MB ADSL.Tuesday 16th November 2004
UK Online is offering 8MB ADSL next year according to the BBC.

I was right in there looking how to sign up, yay, I'm in a supported area. This should be good? Ah, but apon further investigation it isn't all good.

8MB is all well and good, but with that you also get:
- Maximum session time of 2 hours
- Disconnected after 15 minutes idle time
- Maximum 16 hours use per day
- Maximum of 4GB/Day (theoritical maximum 84GB/Day (or 56GB/Day with the above limit))
Plus they add in the fear that if you go over these limits, or if you persistantly reconnect after being disconnected automatically your account will be disabled.

Which is nice considering most ADSL modems/routers people have will automaticlaly reconnect if the line is disconnected. This is of course because that is how ADSL technology works. It is 'always on'. It cannot be disconnected easily, although your session can be lost if your ISP cocks up, or in this case, forces you off.

You will still be connected, just unable to transfer data.

Peer-to-PeerThursday 11th November 2004
First the was Napster. Napster was the best place to get MP3s. Everybody used it and you could get every song ever thought of on it. The ultimate share of music.

Then it got lynced and others sprung up. It was then Napster that was the daddy with the amazing ability to download of more than one user, but that was also lynched. Damn Recording Industry Ass. of America, hacking people, and filling it with corrupt files.

Personally I am of the persuation that if you like something you should buy it. If I like an artist's music I will go and buy their albumn. If on the other hand I like one of their songs, or even had it recommended to me I will go download it. If I couldn't download it, I wouldn't bother listening to it.

Then we get artists who release corrupted music onto the networks and try to generally cause you problems. This is fair enough, but if they are causing me problems I will make a point of never buying anything of theirs. Just pull an entire torrent of their albumn and have done with it.

Lucky for them I can now download the odd song again with the wonders of SoulSeek. Recommended to me by some friends at work, it seems to be quite good, although I've had limited use of it.

It also works well, I've once again seen my collection of rare material start getting pulled.

Bonfire night.Sunday 7th November 2004
Remember, remember the 5th of November.

In 1605 Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. He almost succeeded, but was caught. Where he was promptly tortured and executed for treason.

In 2004 people are still trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Has much changed? Not really, just there is more media about it these days.

Great Britain, England, Old countries of the former, has been at war for most of it's existance. In the days of old, before the first King of all England, neighbouring kings waged war. Vikings and what-not invaded. Then when England was a single country, there was war between the Welsh and Scottish.

Then finally, war with the rest of the world. The sun never sets on the British Empire. Although no longer the case, the British Empire is to-date the largest Empire ever forged. It would probably still be standing if it weren't for the two World Wars.

How did we get this? By waging war. Throughout all of this, people have, obviously, wanted to cause harm to the British people. In the 80's and 90's the IRA was the big thing. There was the embassy seige where the existance of the SAS became apparent.

Why are we so scared about terrorists now? The threat has always been there. It's just now the media can hype it more these days. Even if they don't mean to, they do. It's all about making an impact on the story. "Hostage executed in Iraq". No, instead it goes on for weeks with videos and emotional plees on TV. When somebody is executed the country is plunged into shock. I wouldn't like to guess how many people were executed by the English - legally. The current death penalty in the UK (only thing it applies to is high-treason AFAIK) is hanging. Not the nicest. Although then we have done a lot of beheading which is what we condem from our comfortable position as one of the most developed (and oddly most sinful) societies in the world. Lucky it's not hung-drawn and quartered.

The odd thing is though, you ask most the people who were out on Bonfire night what it was about. Everybody knows it's tradition, but not so many people know that it's remembering a failed terrorist attack.

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