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Driving testTuesday 21st December 2004
I had my driving test today. Full of confidence, and it went fine. Not a problem.

Got back to the test centre and awaited my results. Failed. WTF!? "Would you like me to explain the report?", "Too damn right I do".

Short of it, I don't use mirrors. I can drive fine, but I spend too much time looking at things in front of me instead of what's behind me. Who cares? Somebody goes up my arse it's their fault.

I was a bit gutted though, as I know I did use my mirrors excessively. It was my worry, but for 30 minutes I checked them everytime I twitched, or even thought about twitching.

My instructor says it's a common problem with tall people who sit far back. They don't need to move their head a lot to see, and even if they do the examiner is sitting in front of them so they don't notice. That what makes me bitter. It's not my fault I'm tall. There was also the intersting point that the examiner had to leave his last test centre because he was no good! Luck of the draw I suppose. I have to wait a couple of weeks again now before I can take it again.

I think horse blinkers are in call. So I have to move my head around to see something which is in my field of view anyway.

Pfft, who wants to drive anyway? It only costs.

Christmas...Saturday 18th December 2004
The joys of Christmas. As ever I was organised with my shopping two months in advance... not. Now in the week in the run up to Christmas I haven't got all my presents. Joy oh joy.

It's always all this hassle. What do you get people, the embarrasment when somebody gets them the same thing. The "how much should I spend?".

The worst thing about Christmas is the marketing that goes into it. For the past two months I've been submitted to the same handful of Christmas songs in every shop I've walked into. Even somebody was playing Christmas songs on their computer at work the other day! Will it ever end? Sure, in the week up to Christmas we can get absorbed by the entire thing, but for the 4 months in the run up to Christmas - give it a rest.

This is the first year I've been able to move fairly freely around shops in my home city. Conversation is hinting at people are fed up of getting into debt over Christmas and it's all just easier to order off the Internet. I've done most my shopping off the Internet, I would have done more if I were more organised.

This festive spirit does effect everybody though. I've been almost run-over more times this week than the rest of the year. Madmen driving around doing stupid things. People just not stopping on red lights. I've had to stop mid-cross (while the green man was showing) more than once so far!

I am looking forward to a good Christmas dinner sitting snug and warm in my house, slowly drinking away and waiting for an argument to start up. To which I will just ignore it and go and play computer games for the rest of the evening.

Woops, billing.Thursday 2nd December 2004
Silly me, my debit card expired a few months ago and I never told my hosting company.

So my site was offline for a bit earlier this week along with all my e-mail etc. The most annoying thing was that my mail-boxes were more than just locked, they were completely removed for the duration. So I lost any incoming mail.

Took me over 30 minutes to get through to the support department to find out why it was locked. Naturally, when I phoned back the next day to get through to the billing department to tell them my details I got through pretty damn quick. Amazing how companies are quick to accept your money, but slow to provide you with a quality product.

Although to be fair my hosting company is very good, certainly the best I've used yet. Downside being no annoymous FTP server, which is very odd, but hey, I guess HTTP will have to do for everything.

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