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Weather forecastsFriday 24th June 2005
What's the point? Today at 7:00am we have a current observation of Partly Cloudy and a forecast of sunshine.

What is really happening at 7:00am? There is a massive thunderstorm and heavy rain.

Yes, this is localised forecasts...

Cinema tripThursday 16th June 2005
Went to see Sin City. Good film, excellent translation of the style onto film. I like films taking you on a ride, although this one tried to be clever without too much of a plot.

The most interesting, or entertaining, part of the evening was the Cinema itself.

Going to a recently finished Odeon Cinema in a purpose built complex. We got our tickets, seats A3 - A7 inclusive (front row, fully booked), and we entered. Found our row, but completely failed to find out seats. The numbers counted down, 7, 6, 5, 4... steps, wall.

After some head scratching, one of the more sensible members of our party went to ask. A few moment later a member of staff came over saying "Are you missing seat 3?", duely we responded Yes, and he went off with an equally puzzled look.

Lucky for us they always keep 4 spare seats in the cinema for these such events (you know, when the computer forgets to count, or they forget to put the seats in, or even when somebody steals seats A1 through to A3).

How bizzare.

Watched it, enjoyed my evening, won't watch it again.

EmptyMonday 6th June 2005
I really ought to write something, but why? Ah more useless junk filling up the vastness of the Internet.

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