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Missing scroll barsSunday 28th August 2005
I use the Mozilla Suite to browse the web (aka SeaMonkey). I like to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, so I download the nightly builds every week or so.

Recently I updated and noticed to my shock that all the scrollbars had gone. Which wasn't very helpful. I finally found a bug report for it (#305391), but this put the blame, once again, on the theme makers.

Luckily the reason behind this was an improvement to cross platform compatibility on themes (bug #222654). Although this doesn't help me, as finding theme updates is really rather difficult.

Luckily there is a quick way of fixing it yourself. This is how.

1. Navigate to your user profile directory for Mozilla, and locate the latest theme *.JAR file for it.
2. Extract this (keeping the directory tree) with WinZip (or something).
3. In the General directory copy the file scrollbars.css to xulscrollbars.css and nativescrollbars.css.
4. Re-compress the directory tree in the same way and replace the original JAR file (keep the same name).
5. Restart Mozilla.
6. Tada!

Hope this helps somebody.

DVD Whislting solution.Friday 26th August 2005
My DVD player has been playing up for a long time. I have a KiSS DP-450. Which cost a lot when I bought it. It is fairly nifty with XVid and DivX support.

Although I've been having problems with the buttons on the device not responding, the LCD display flickering. The whole thing crashing etc. The most annoying thing though, was the whistling.

A massively high pitched squeel or whistle came from it from time-to-time. This soon became all it did. The source? A transformer on the PSU.

After a bit of hunting around the net, it looked like this wasn't an isolated occurance of this problem. Low and behold, I have been putting up with an annoyingly bad DVD player for the past few months when I could have fixed it all so easily.

Armed with a new capacitor I replaced one on the PSU and all the problems have gone away. Apparently it is something to do with the capacitor going naff, which creates a resinance in the flow of electricity, which inturn causes the transformer to create a mechanical whistle.

So if anybody is wanting to fix theirs. What you need to do is this.

1. Rip the top off your DVD player.
2. Disconnect the PSU on the left hand side and take it out.
3. Remove capacitor C12.
4. Replace with a 2200uF 16v (at least 16v, can be more if you want) Electrolytic Capacitor.
5. Bolt back together
6. Enjoy.

** Please note that capacitors store electricity, if you get too close and short them (with your hand or a screw driver), you'll give yourself a nasty shock.

I accept no repsonsibility. For anything.

San Andreas embarrasment.Sunday 7th August 2005
I'm currently playing (for the first time) GTA San Andreas. A couple of annoying things, first a police uniform won't allow me into military bases unnoticed. The other is where to find an Apache.

A friend pointed me toward the races. If you go to Las Venturas Airport and the races there, select the "Heli Heli" race, which as luck would have it, is done in an Apache helicopter.

I was then told to go and put it in the hanger at the airstrip and save the game. So I went off to do this. Took my car out of the garage and tried to put the helicopter in it. Although I just couldn't do it. Just simply too difficult to get it through the door. I got half of it in and gave up.

Later I realised they didn't mean the little one next to the save point, they actually meant the one on the otherside of the runway with huge doors.

Woops, that was a bit easier...

Top tip, make sure the building is big enough for your vehicle before trying to park. If it's not you probably have the wrong one...

Doom 3 Duct Tape modSaturday 6th August 2005
I have never been a fan of horror films, or infact anything in the slightest bit scary. So the reason for buying Doom 3 on the day of release must have been just to marvel at it's amazing game engine.

I played it a bit, but soon got annoyed with the game. It followed the same style of gameplay as the original Doom (perhaps they were going for this), which is dated. Walk down a corridor and a secret wall behind you opens up with a monster in it. I mean, really, can we get past that now? I don't know many organisations that have secret walls...

Still, it scared me, which I guess was the idea. So as the pansie I am I went to download a rather excellent mod for the game. The "Duct Tape" mod. As yes, the game is mostly shadows and such, so you have to keep your flash light on hand most the time, which makes it difficult when monsters are trying to eat you (or whatever).

The author of the mod found himself thinking that in the far off distant future on a research lab on Mars, somebody might have had a roll of duct tape so a flash light could be taped to your gun.

Alas with the 1.3 patch out this mod seemed to break. Without much help kicking about on the net. With a bit of guess work I just did the obvious...

Install instructions:
1. Download Duct Tape mod from the author's website.
2. Extract the "pak005.pk4" file into a temporary directory
3. Rename it to "pak008.pk4"
4. Move it into your [doom3]/base/ directory.

Make sure you read the readme file for notes which apply to the installation of the mod.

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