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Word 2003 Lost it's margins.Wednesday 19th October 2005
An odd problem... loaded up Word 2003 and eek, my top and bottom margins have been lost. Completely disappeared.

I guess I messed up my template, so I checked the margins and they were still set to 2.54cm (the default). Expanding them just made the page get smaller!

I tried deleting my template and starting afresh, no such luck. Then a hit of inspiration, I accidently clicked below the page (in print view), and they came back.

If you rest your mouse between two pages (on the grey bit), it changes to two boxes with arrows in it. If you click it will toggle showing the spaced between the pages. Quite a handy feature if you ask me, no idea how I triggered it.

You can also toggle it by going to Tools, Options, View, 'White space between pages'.

Job done.

Window cleaning.Saturday 15th October 2005
I decided today I would make another stab at cleaning the windows in my car. Last time I did it all I was left with was lots of smears, which were probably worse than before hand.

So, this time I tried again, and yet again my windshield was covered in smears. I even tried a different spray for it.

Then after a spot of inspiration I put down the nice clean cloth I had been using, and picked up some kitchen towel that had been sitting in my boot. Figuring that anything is worth a shot.

Hey presto, it did the job wonderfully, I expect because it absorbs the left-overs instead of just pushing it around the screen. It is also a hell of a lot quicker than a cloth.

Hardly a smear in sight (just the bits I missed and didn't notice until I was driving down the road into the sun). So, if you want nice clean windows, just use your normal cleaning stuff and a ball of scruntched up kitchen towel.

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