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HomesSaturday 25th February 2006
I've taken the leap and I am currently in the process of buying a house. It is a very bizzare experience. Everybody involved are nice and try to help you along as much as possible in a nice soft voice.

The complication comes from all sorts of ambigious forms I have to fill in. It's either too specific (more than they intended after investigating); or way too vague (which is the more common).

I am also slightly worried about some of the people who do the job. Their knowledge doesn't exactly fill you with confidence. I don't get a comfortable feeling when I say something, or ask (I thought) a fairly simple question, to be meeted by an empty gaze.

Naturally most of the people I'm involved in are sales people, so they are usually quick to think of something to say. Alas people saying things doesn't always answer the question and you just have to accept that they don't know.

The scariest thing about it all is my sudden opinion on Interest Rates. Somebody at work was telling me they were arguing over a 25p fitting in their new house. I'm afraid of what I'm going to become...

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