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Webdev dilemasTuesday 18th April 2006
This website is primarily something for me to play about with. Using new techniques to write it to keep me upto date with web technologies without messing up a website I'm writing for somebody else.

This site it too big to just do and finish, I've never got round to finishing it, and I'm working on the new version at the moment (I've spent more than a year on it, and it's no further than this one). This is mainly due to the lack of time I spend on the project.

THe problem with this is that the new site I'm doing is in PHP4. I'm already writing sites for people in PHP5, which has a whole different object model and is far easier to use for more experienced developers. I think my mistake is going over complicated, trying to have a lot of pages with content I'm simply not going to get round to filling. I think I really need to think about what I use a website for and reduce the content to that.

My fear is becoming yet another pre-made look-a-like. I know this site is a bit buggy on the interface, something that could be fixed with a bit of attention. But I'm fairly confident that nobody else has a site designed like this. It really is my bit of the World Wide Web. Wasting space as ever.

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