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Bush quotes!Saturday 17th June 2006
Funny quotes of George Bush are around the net, a lot of them made up. Just been watching a political goof show on BBC 3 and saw a brilliant one.

George Bush in Japan saying that the reason he came to Japan first in his trip of Asia is because of the "century and a half" of alliance. And as we all know, half a century there wasn't much of an alliance, as they were dropping the first nuclear weapons on Japan.

I was shocked.

Windows Vista BetaFriday 9th June 2006
Microsoft's latest Operating System has now entered public beta. Meaning anybody can download it, for free, and try it out. Just, if it messes up your computer, that's your tough luck.

You can download it by signing up to a million and one things on the Microsoft website, and filling in your favourite American magazines, and such. Or, alternatively, just skip to the download.

The download is 3.3GB, which means you need broadband unless you are into spending the next 4 weeks downloading.

The file is an ISO image, which means you'll need to burn it to a DVD to use it. I'm not sure if it will work in Virtual PC, as the copy of Beta 2 I got from the Microsoft Select licensing, didn't.

Have fun.

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