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SpooksMonday 30th October 2006
Tonight's episode of Spooks featured a Christain fanatic planning terrorist attacks against Muslims. Fairly normal type of plot for Spooks, apart from the Christain part of it.

Spooks has a great ability to make you feel uncomfortable, but I expect there'll be a few complaints about suggesting such things about Christains, yet when they suggest the same sort of acts against Muslims, nobody minds.

It will be interesting to see if anything is said, or if people can accept it's just fiction.

Temp filesThursday 19th October 2006
SysInternals do a great tool called "Handle", which will tell you what processes are using what files. Excellent for when you are trying to delete them, but something is locking them.

I have had a number of files in my temporary directory that I have never know what they are. They all start with 'ib', with two sequential numbers after. An example filename: ib45

These files actually belong to the MySQL daemon I'm running on my PC.

The other file I cannot delete are Perflib_Perfdata_xxx.dat. These files turn out to be part of VMWare (for running virtual machines).

Handy, I won't try and delete them now!

SpamWednesday 18th October 2006
I'm currently receiving a load of failed mail back to my domain from spammers. Obviously they have picked my domain to use as an address to spam from. There is nothing I can do about this.

I have tried to have a Sender Policy Framework line added to my DNS entry, but my hosting company (1 & 1), refuse to do it for shared hosting. Of course, there is no reason why they can't do this, apart from that they would make more money from me for my own server.

So, for anybody trying to find out where that spam came from, I'm terribly sorry, but my hosting company doesn't seem to be interested in stopping it.

BizTalk Database Lookup FunctoidsFriday 6th October 2006
I've been working on a BizTalk 2006 solution that utilises the Database Lookup Functoids in the BizTalk Mapper.

I use the Database Lookup functoid to define the connection etc. And then I use the Value Extractor about 10 times to get the individual values out of a view.

It wasn't working as I expected though, so I fired up SQL Profiler to have a ganders and was shocked at what I saw.

I saw about 10 hits to the database running a SELECT * FROM [myview] for each functoid!

Instead of doing a single select with the Database Lookup (as one would expect), it repeated the same query for each value extracted!

If I had written the same thing into my code manually, a DBA would have probably battered me into the ground. I'm wondering how long it'll go before somebody notices...

Three things to wind me upSunday 1st October 2006
Three things have annoyed me today.

Number 1: Upon leaving the house today, I noticed that the newspaper was left outside on the door step, and not put through the letter box. Ideal in the torrent of rain that had been pouring for the past few days.

Number 2: Getting into my (new) car, which was parked in a private alley-way between my house and the neighbours, I noticed somebody had smashed my wing mirror. A very handbag-swung-and-hit-it type of smash, as the casing and paint is fine, just a single blow to the actual mirror. Any note left? No. Who could it be? Anybody I suppose, but in the position it was, the neighbour (with the noisy dog), or one of her lodgers I expect.

Number 3: Kid on a dirt bike over takes me on a corner and tries to squeeze in in-front of me, where there isn't really sufficient space. All about 100 yards before a dual carrage-way, where he is promptly overtaken by everybody as he can't get more than 40 or 50 mph out of it.

I really wonder what goes through people's minds these days.

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