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Terminal Services ManagerMonday 11th December 2006
I've been getting annoyed recently about my Terminal Services Manager, as part of the Administration Tools for Windows 2003 Server. When I try to start it, it just hangs. I can't do anything with it. It's never visible, and won't come into focus.

After much clicking, I can get it to restore into the foreground, but it doesn't respond to mouse clicks or anything.

I tried running it under a different account, and it worked fine, so I figured it must be a local profile problem.

I've resolved it by deleting this key from the registry:
[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\TSADMIN]

GeForce 7800GS+Friday 1st December 2006
In March 2002 I bought a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 (an upgrade from a GeForce 2 GTS if memory serves). I wrote on my site that I had a jump from 3546 points, to 7197 points in 3DMark 2001.

That card blew-up, under a year later. I replaced it with the cheaper GeForce 5900. I never ran that benchmark, but I've just bought myself a GeForce 7800GS+. So I thought I'd run the same test again.

We are now on 3D Mark 2006, but as I don't have scores for that, I thought I would use 2001, just to show the difference first.

GeForce 2 GTS: 3546
GeForce 4 Ti4600: 7197
GeForce 5900: 13645
GeForce 7800GS+: 20521

Now to bring things up-to-date. I've run 3DMark 2006.

GeForce 5900: 419
GeForce 7800GS+: 4368

And a bit of trivia about the 7800GS+. This is a card created by Gainward, which is probably the last AGP card we'll see, now that everything is PCI-E. The GPU is actually a 7900GT, but Nvidia did not allow Gainward to badge it as one.

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