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Flash BlockMonday 11th June 2007
Adobe (formally Macromedia) Flash is a great way to enhance sites. It allows the use of complex animations, combined with some funky programming abilities to make spectacular looking web-sites.

Alas, like with all funky things, it's being used by the advertising people out there. So now, instead of having a simple GIF with their advert, you now get intrusive flash players, which sounds and over the top animation.

It's the sound that annoys me mostly, as I generally listen to music while using my computer, and then I find myself coming to a site which forces music to my browser, and doesn't allow me to mute it. Of course, I could mute my PC, but then I can't hear my music.

The blame here is on Adobe who haven't, and seem to refuse to, put a muting function into their application.

Good news though, some clever guy has come up with Flash Block. An excellent add-on for Mozilla based browsers, that will disable Flash apps by default, replacing them with a clickable place holder. To enable, just click the place holder.

It includes the ability to white-list a site, so you can add things such as YouTube onto your white-list if you don't want to accept each video.

Highly recommended.

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