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A little researchTuesday 26th February 2008
It's nice to see that the voice-over-guy on Sky One knows what he is talking about.

A new episode of Stargate Atlantis... alas. He read out "wrath" instead of "wraith". It's amazing what a stray vowel will do to a word.

New phoneThursday 7th February 2008
I've finally upgraded my phone. I now have a brand spanking new O2 XDA Orbit 2, aka HTC Touch Cruise.

It's a feature rich phone, roughly the same size as an iPhone. And it too, is touch screen, but also includes a jog wheel thingy to make moving around things easier than jabbing with your finger, and a hidden stylus for old school pointing. Other features include:

* Bluetooth
* 3G video calling
* Micro SD slot (1GB bundled)
* WiFi (11a/b/g) support
* GPS (yes ladies, that's Sat Nav)

But alas, it is also running Windows Mobile 6. Which boasts features of it's own:

* UI bugs
* Impossible to find settings
* Stupid sync software
* Really difficult to use Outlook style SMS'ing

Add on to that, somewhere between syncing my C500 (Smartphone 2003), to my PC, and back to my new phone, I managed to lose the + at the beginning of phone numbers. This means all my +44 1234 888777 style of numbers (most of them) no longer work, as there is no plus sign. *sigh*

It also boasts Copilot, which just doesn't load, and kills the device slowly and painfully.

But apart from that, yeah, it's good (so far)... watch this space.

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