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BBC iPlayer for the WiiMonday 14th April 2008
The BBC have recently announced on their iiPlayer blog that they will be supporting the Wii.

So, being a Wii owner, I thought I'd give it a shot. Although handy to catch up on programs you may want to see (currently, only 'Spy in the Jungle' for me, which I haven't missed); it's not really a great experience.

Firstly, you have to suffer loading via a web-page until a stand-alone application is developed for the Wii. But then there is no "full-screen" mode, so you have to zoom with the Wii, which instantly causes problems as you are displaying a small resolution area on a large screen.

All this does is emphasises the compression on the video. Having Sky Digital normally, I generally suffer the heavy compression already, but this seems especially annoying. Although maybe it's just the resolution...

Still, hopefully with a standalone application and a bit of work on the delivery stream and it might be quite pleasant.

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