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P2V UpdatesTuesday 21st October 2008
So my earlier post mentioned shut-down issues with my Win2K P2V VMware machine.

I gave up. Built a new image and just keep the P2V'ed one in suspended mode when I need to bounce the host.

Buy BritishMonday 20th October 2008
I'm a fan of Royal Gala apples; which currently appear to be in-season in the UK. Normally they come from South Africa.

Which is a damn shame. As the ones from South Africa are big juicy, and most importantly, intact. The UK ones are battered and bruised.

How do they manage to get them from South Africa without knocking them once, yet the ones from Kent appear to have been put through the National Lottery ball picking machine!

VMware P2V Windows 2000Wednesday 8th October 2008
I've been trying to convert my physical Windows 2000 work PC to a VMware image on my new machine with little success.

The convertor was flaky and failed a lot of the time, and I'm afraid I don't have any real tips on how to fix it. It seemed lots of reinstalling of the converter software, rebooting and various different destinations finally managed to get me a 97% complete image of my source machine.

I finally got this up and running, and danced around blue-screens while I attempted to get the IDE controller set to something generic.

After much tinkering I got the system stable enough to logon. To discover no CD-ROM drive. Ahhh, no way of installing VM Tools (cheated and used a USB stick - didn't help). Added and played around with CD-ROM settings for the VM - no luck. There was no CD-ROM drive appearing in explorer/My Computer. The Device Manager reported the device, but with a yellow exclamation mark: "
This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"

Joy. Finally after much hunting around the Internet I came across a MS KB article on how to fix this. Worked a charm.

I just now need to figure out why the VM won't shutdown gracefully!

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