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Windows 7Sunday 23rd November 2008
So I've slapped it onto my laptop to see what it's like with the full aero stuff. It's pretty, just like Vista. Things are tricky to find, but probably better for somebody who's never used a computer.

I haven't been able to get it stable yet, it generally lasts for 10 minutes before blue screening and then never starting up again. Requiring a format before the setup program will even work again.

Currently I've lasted half an hour on this build, I think it's to do with SATA drivers. Time will tell.

The gadgets are better than the side bar, allowing you to put them wherever, and the snap windows thing is certainly a good idea.

I'm just doing my usual tweaks in the registry when I've found that the "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation" registry setting has a default option of 2. Now I thought 0 and 1 were the only options. Is this a Vista or 7 thing? I wonder how many other behind the scene changes there are...

LifeMonday 17th November 2008
Not sure why I want to put this on the Internet for everybody to read. But hey. I can always delete it when I come to my senses. I tend to avoid these subjects on here, but I feel it is worth noting.

Many religions and schools of thought teach us that material things do not bring happiness. I'd just like to reiterate this fact. Fact.

Money, influence and fast cars do not bring happiness - just a distraction from the soul crushing world which is the missing of the ones you love.

So many works of art and literature should have taught us all these facts. The stupidly large number of songs and poems that detail the despair of losing loved ones. Why do we insist on taking these things for granted? Why is it only when it's too late that we decide to do anything about it?

Life is just something that happens if it cannot be shared with the people who you love, and love you. Take the very best of care of it before it inevitably is taken from you when you blink your eye.

"It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." I say, "Ignorance is bliss".

Windows 7Friday 14th November 2008
So I slapped on a copy of Windows 7 onto a VMWare system for a butchers. Couldn't get Aero working as a virtual PC, not sure if you can do it on VMWare.

This new task bar business looks different - not sure how it'll pan out in use though. I still don't like the Vista start menu, and would prefer the XP one.

Managing your Windows is still something that is open to innovation, which is amazing as that's what these programs are: Window Managers. The transparent window business when trying to find the correct window sounds like a good idea, along with the docking of windows - but without Aero I can't test this.

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