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32-bit inf drivers for 64-bit systemsSunday 28th December 2008
The problem with 64-bit is the lack of driver support. Especially for aging equipment. I have a very good 19" CRT monitor, which I won't give up without a fight (I'm hoping OLED will hit the spot).

Alas, the INF file that describes the monitor (refresh rates etc) won't install on a 32-bit system. But as all it is, is an INF file - I do not see why not. There are no binary parts to the installation.

Taking a look at this Microsoft article shows that the drivers need to have decorated attributes to allow installation on a 64-bit system.

Brilliant, so just add them.

Under [Manufacturer], add the text ", NTamd64" to the end of each manufacturer listed.

Then copy and paste each corresponding manufacturer list and adjust the header to be [MyCompanyThing.NTamd64] - where MyCompanyThing is the name of the manufacturer.

Bingo, installs without a problem.

Slow booting Vista/2008Wednesday 24th December 2008
There are a few posts kicking around the net regarding slow booting of Windows Vista or Windows 2008. With the following event 6006 logged:

The winlogon notification subscriber took 120 second(s) to handle the notification event (CreateSession).

The general suggestions are to fiddle with some network tuning settings, which helps some people. But not others.

I'm running 2008 attached to a Samba domain controller. With a couple of other PC's and virtual machines. I have no need for group policy. So I figured I would just turn off that service. This has resulted in a very fast boot time - problem solved. I get a warning about the service not working in the task tray, but I'm sure I'll figure a way to suppress that.

If you try to disable it you'll find yourself with a greyed out properties dialogue, and not a lot you can do. For some reason this has been "restricted". So you have to override it.

# Load regedit (as administrator)
# Navigate to: HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/gpsvc
# Right click the key and go to permissions
# Click Advanced
# Click Ownership
# Set the owner to Administrators (instead of SYSTEM)
# Click OK
# Give Administrators full control
# Click OK
# Edit the value "Start" to have a value of "3" (no quotes)
# Close regedit and reboot

More poweh!Tuesday 23rd December 2008
It seems every time I upgrade my computer, it comes along with every 14 year old and their dog telling me I'll need a bigger power supply.

I've never believed this, but alas I've had to upgrade due to not enough PCI-E connectors on my existing 430W PSU (which, seems a little much to me). As this caught me by surprise (only buying the one graphics card, I thought my existing one connection would suffice), I had to shell out a kidney at the local PC World rip off merchants. Although this new 700W (cheapest with 2 PCI-E connectors) has a read out of the output of the PSU.

I also have a monitor on the plug itself so I can see what is being drawn, and what is actually being provided.

So. My nice new system comes with manuals suggesting I have at least a 500W PSU goes along the lines of:
Core i7 920, GTX260, x2 HDD, x2 DVD-RW, x3 RAM modules, x1 Audigy 2, x6 80mm case fans.

Not the most bulging of systems, but equally not thin on the ground. So I slapped on Armed Assault for a whirl. It's a good game as it's constantly having to load bits of the vast maps from the drives etc.

How much power used? Well, unlike my old system which, at a push would draw 180W from the plug, this one outputted 205W peak at the PSU (didn't check the plug, was too busy admiring the graphics). So finally, it's time for a new PSU, as my 200W one I had in my AT PC 10 years ago would no longer suffice.

Morale of the story. Don't blindly listen to people without any form of evidence backing up their claims.

Music single - release themTuesday 16th December 2008
There are few songs I hear on Radio 1 these days that I really like - to the point of wanting to have a copy. But - on the rare occasion one is aired it turns out they won't be available to buy for another month!

The recent one is Lily Allen's - Fear. I think it's a great track, but can I get it? No. I have to wait until some point in the new year. At that point I won't be too bothered about it.

The other track that this happened to was Proper Eduction by Eric Prydz, which featured Pink Floyd samples from The Wall. Loved it when I heard it on the radio. By the time it came to release, I had forgotten all about it.

Actually - it's the same with computer games. Often games are announced and they seem ground breaking. But by the time they arrive, there are nothing special.

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