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RoadworthinessMonday 9th February 2009
You have 1 month left on your MOT, and you decide to get it tested early.

Q. If your vehicle fails, are you still able to drive around on the existing MOT?

Search the Internet on this subject, and there are many discussions on motoring and policing forums. Although nobody seems to agree.

I thought that an MOT failure was a sign of vehicle unroadworthiness. Although the government implies that an MOT failure does not necessarily class a vehicle as unroadworthy:

"you may still be prosecuted for driving an unroadworthy vehicle if it doesn’t comply with various regulations affecting its construction and use"

Although you are able to drive a vehicle to and from a pre-booked garage/MOT centre without an MOT, it doesn't mention that a refusal of an MOT is a disqualification of the previous one.

Providing your vehicle is still roadworthy, but failed it's MOT, the original question still stands.

In order to put to end this question I have resorted to e-mailing the The Department for Transport - as expected, my e-mail was returned immediately by their SMTP server without details of the error.

Hopefully I shall find the answer out one day.

More snowFriday 6th February 2009
Councils across Britain are running out of grit. The public are doing their nut. Complaining about the lack of preparation on the part of the local council's.

Sure, blame the councils for not being prepared. How many of the complainer's were prepared? Private stock of salt for garden path? Shovel and emergency supplies in their car? Most importantly, winter tyres?

Maybe 1 or 2 out of 3. Most people don't even know you can get winter tyres, let alone have any fitted. The day we as the public start being prepared, is the day we can complain about our councils being unprepared.

Britain snowed inThursday 5th February 2009
As soon as winter is upon us, we are all hoping for snow. We love the stuff. But in true British fashion, we whine about it when it arrives.

The snow, around here, isn't massively bad. Maybe an inch of it this morning. So I went to work. Slid about a little bit, but nothing to worry about (until some stupid bint stepped out in front of my car whilst I was already skidding to a stop).

Tomorrow though, well I'm not going to bother. There is no reason for me to go to work - apart from to share the tea making with somebody else. I work in IT - in this day and age there is no need for me to be in work 90% of the time; yet still there is great resistance to working from home. The main argument is communication, people cannot work as well when they cannot get together and chat about things.

I concede this point. Talking face-to-face is a lot easier... But actually, I do very little of that anyway. I spend most my day with my headphones in trying to drown out the noise of people chatting and shouting at each other (good old open plan offices!). Occasionally I get pestered about something, but to be fair, there is no reason an Instant Message or an e-mail wouldn't do - they even get the added bonus of the answer in writing so they can use it for reference next time. All that aside, I'm currently working on my own. So there is absolutely no need for me to be in work.

There is quite a bit of conversation about how people woos off work when the slightest hint of snow comes. Tomorrow, that's going to be me. I'll still work, I can logon remotely and access everything I need from the comfort of my bed/sofa/office. I went out today, I proved that I'm not a girl and I can face driving in snow with my summer only tyres (as everyone else).

It's just not worth the effort though. A 20 minute rush hour journey extending to over an hour, for the sake of sharing the tea making responsibilities? Added on the risk of roads being closed and not being able to get home? Nah, I'll stay here thanks. One laptop, BlackBerry, cuppa and sofa. What more do you need?

We aren't prepared for this weather, as we only get it once a decade tops. Nobody has winter tyres in England, how can you expect cars to work on summer only tyres? It freezes for two weeks a year normally, not worth the expense.

A lot of people have to go to work, those who technically have the ability to work from home should be actively encouraged. It's the responsible thing to do, allowing those who have to, to get through easier.

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