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Last.fmThursday 15th October 2009 is a site that I have been aware of for some time. It crops up from time-to-time when hunting down songs or tracks. I always assumed it was yet another poorly put together American dodgy DRM filled music store.

But a friend recently drew my attention to it, and I think it's a really good idea!

So you register (blurgh, yet another site), and tap in a few of your favourite artists, and it will then stream you music which is similar to the artists you've provided (and sometimes stuff by those artists). You can skip onto the next track, and even help it by hinting whether you like or dislike the track. Plus there doesn't seem to be any adverts (not sure how they make money).

The music is played through an embedded flash player, but it can also be accessed via other methods (I haven't found a standard PLS Winamp stream or such jump out at me yet). But my SqueezeBox supports it out of the box.

Both my SqueezeBox and Winamp (my two main music listening devices if you ignore my car radio) will feedback the tracks you've recently listened to in order to produce a more refined recommendations list.

Seems like an excellent way to expose yourself to new music.

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