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Let the sales begin!Sunday 27th December 2009
The Steam platform is a good idea by Valve to skip the overheads of publishing computer games and delivering content directly to the consumer.

So no media, no packaging, no shipping, no shops, no teenage sales staff. Reduced costs all round. So you'd expect it to have the edge on competition when it comes to sales.

They even have a January sale which means even more saving. Or not...

Lets take GTA4; RRP 34.99; on sale for 19.99. Great. Or, if we went to Game and bought it from a guy behind the counter, we'd pay 15.99. Or we could get it online from Play for 9.99.

It's the same for most games, I still do not fathom why people bother with Steam. Especially as it's American and you lose all your consumer rights you have in the UK if you buy through it.

Gas billsMonday 7th December 2009
Bit dull - but gas bills!

My gas supplier (edf) has raised my gas bill to 130/m (Yes, 1,560/yr on my small terraced home).

After receiving my most recent bill, I paid attention to "estimated" text. After some rummaging around in my records and checking the current readings, it seems to work out at about 360/yr.

So check your actual readings, you could be getting ripped off big style.

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