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Routing with DHCPMonday 8th February 2010
If you allocate IPs from DHCP and need to access multiple networks then you need to setup routes. This is tricky with DHCPD as it's not a default (documented) option.

options static-routes doesn't work as it only routes 1 ip (not a whole network).

So, add this to your dhcpd.conf global section:

option classless-routes code 121 = array of unsigned integer 8;

Then in your subnet/host/whatever section put:

option classless-routes 24,192,168,0,192,168,0,254

What's with all that numbers? That doesn't look normal. Sure, it's some compact way of doing things.

The 24 is the "significant bit" lark for your subnet. So = 24. The next bit is your host mask. In this example 192.168.0 (there is no last octet, no point). Then there is the router you want to use, in this example

This will not work with old OS'.

More musical taunts from the TVTuesday 2nd February 2010
The TV is once again taunting me with music. Often on adverts I hear something I really like and then the hunt is on to pin it down.

This time it was "How the earth made us". A BBC 2 documentary - you can guess what about. I'm not sure if it's the theme for all episodes, but watching episode two on water and the dramatic background theme music was superb.

It seems, looking at the soon-to-be-released DVD the music was "specially composed by Ty Unwin". Nuts! No chance of seeing that any time soon then. The few little bits on this guy seems to be quite old and more 'individual'.

And my two pence worth on the forums saying how the music was over the top and reduces the quality of documentaries - I disagree. I remember the real science documentaries of a decade ago - they were dull and boring and you couldn't get excited by the subject matter. A little bit of flare and drama captures people's imagination in the first place. BBC prime time is not about massively detailed programs on the latest workings in the field - it's about educating the masses.

I think the BBC strike an excellent balance between factual & educational against interesting & eye-catching. So many other documentaries are just boring, or just plain over the top (see the documentary channels on Sky).

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