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Microsoft Forum answersMonday 17th May 2010
Seems like to get status and Microsoft worship on the Microsoft forums you need to answer a lot of forum questions.

People who have their posts marked as an answer essentially rank up (like in a RPG).

The problem is, it seems that anybody can post and suggest that it was the answer. So if I post an open discussion (e.g. "What do people think on Z?"), somebody can post a reply and suggest they've answered it. Then taking credit for it!

Don't trust MVPs, they are no different from stat whores in your favourite computer game!

Brown!Monday 10th May 2010
Why not chuck in my 2 pence worth on the election? Everybody else is.

Brown, we didn't vote for him the first time round. Now some people have voted for him, he resigned a few days later. What is wrong with this guy?

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