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BureaucracyFriday 24th September 2010
The electricity board need to come and do some checks on my meter as it's not working quite right.

So I thought instead of taking one of my legal minimum holiday days, I thought I'd work from home. Obviously working in IT this is stupid easy for me to do, and actually makes me more productive as I don't have the noise the general workers chin-wagging about Eastenders.

Still, our latest CEO doesn't agree home working so gone has the culture of just doing it and letting our colleagues know to call us on our BlackBerries if needed. And in with the new:

Step one: Ask boss to work from home
Step two: Boss asks admin girl for form
Step three: Boss sends read-only PDF document with form included to me
Step four: Print page as unable to edit on screen
Step five: Fill in form including details of any previous remote working instances (like I remember)
Step six: Post form to boss who works 300 miles away
Step seven: Boss signs
Step eight: Boss posts form 300 miles back to the board
Step nine: Board approves (or not)
Step ten: Board sends form 300 miles to boss
Step eleven: Boss sends form 300 miles back to HR
Step twelve: HR file in a cabinet (hah, remember those?)
Step thirteen: Start process again as requested day has gone past.

Work wise eh?

Roll on the government introduction flexible working for all.

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