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Google Instant SearchTuesday 7th December 2010
Personally, I don't like Google Instant Search, or Previews. I liked Google for what it did good. A box on a screen which goes to results without fuss. I'm not a fan of the extra-big logo they have on the front page either.

Of course the evil in Google is it's tracking and such. If you don't want your browsing habits mined for information you need to control your cookies. Alas you can't live without them. What you can do though is set your browser to delete cookies at the end of your session (when you close your browser).

The problem here is if you turn off Google Instant this is set in a cookie, so you have to set it each time.

A little fiddling about gets the solution, use this URL to bookmark Google:

It also disabled suggestions, but it's an acceptable loss (and will reduce your bandwidth and carbon footprint by a minuscule amount).

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