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Unique usernamesMonday 17th January 2011
Why? There are 6 billion souls on this planet. Can you imagine if every one of those decided that your web-site is kick-ass and decided to sign up. How would that work?

I despise having to set up accounts for no reason apart from authentication (OpenID anybody?); it is made ten times worse by forcing stupid password requirements for such low-key sites, and then forcing me to pick a unique username, which inevitably gets as complex as my password and I can never remember that either!

Windows 2008 - Aero PeekWednesday 5th January 2011
I've just rebuilt my workstation with Windows 2008 R2 (upgraded from 2003). As it's my daily development workstation it's nice to have all the lovely environmental things found in Windows 7.

The main part of this is the Windows Aero functionality (the glass/gloss look). This is easily enabled with Windows 2008 R2 by simply enabling the Desktop Experience feature and enabling the Themes service (be sure also to set your computer properties to best appearance instead of performance which is default).

What I soon noticed was that Aero Peek didn't work. This is the ability to hover over icons on the taskbar to temporarily bring it to the foreground. An excellent feature if you deal with a silly number of windows.

Although there is an option to enable it in the Taskbar properties, this is greyed out (although checked). Luckily there is a quick fix, which is simple to change this registry setting to 1:


Job done.

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