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Firefox 4Wednesday 23rd March 2011
So Firefox 4.0 has been released. It looks slicker and been reorganised a bit. Apparently a lot of stuff under the covers for performance.

Shame I'm not really seeing it. It runs like a dog at work. After a bit of tinkering this seems to be due to... Ooo, first off, I've got a resize anchor on my textbox, how cool is that!

Sorry, I digress, the sluggishness seems to be down to hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration is a great thing as it allows certain tasks to be offloaded from the CPU to specialist hardware - such as the GPU. This means complex things like making things look pretty and slick can be processed by hardware built specifically for doing said task.

Unfortunately, the company I work for provide very old graphics cards which just about meet the requirements for hardware acceleration, but are incapable of doing a good job of it. The end result, things are sluggish. Disabling the hardware acceleration and shifting the work back to the CPU provides a noticeable boost to performance.

Not sure what other changes have been made, Firefox is still the number three user of memory on my computer, right after a SQL Server and Visual Studio - which are permitted to take vast amounts of memory. Other Enterprise server software I'm running seem to be able to manage their memory far better.

Why I despise BTMonday 14th March 2011
I've never had a love for BT, they seem to go out of their way to make the customer experience an utterly horrible one.

When ADSL was first launched I jumped on it and that meant moving to BT for my ISP, being at the time the only provider of ADSL. How bad could it be? Turns out, terrible. As soon as my contract expired I jump shipped to one of the new providers.

I'm not planning on making such a mistake again. My ISP offers FTTC, advertised by BT as "BT Infinity". Alas, as it involves telephone lines and cabinets having a non-BT ISP doesn't make any odds in the provision of the service.

Still, I was very happy for BT to tell me that on the 30th September 2010 my cabinet would be enabled for FTTC. Due to delays, this got pushed back to 31st December 2010. Fair enough, new technology teething problems. I phoned my ISP the week before Christmas and asked about a regrade and they said give a call on the 31st and they'll put the order through. By this point I was excited as I had seen the BT Openreach vans mincing about the village tinkering with cabling and cabinets.

Christmas came, and the cabinet enabled date jumped to 31st March 2011. *******!!! Luckily my gut feeling and experience of BT put me off from shelling out 70 for a new router.

So here we are in March, date is closing in rapidly, I've decided what router I'm going to buy, and now I'm just waiting for the exact date of go live. Just another quick check - what? 30th June 2011.

Anybody spotting a pattern? BT are just knocking back the enabled date to the end of the next quarter. When will it end? Some time in the next few years.

So what's the real problem here? It's the fact that they keep saying one thing and doing another. I know new technology is difficult to roll-out. Especially something as fiddly as fibre. I was astonished that the waste of a village I live in was getting FTTC so soon in the roll out. Turns out it wasn't. If BT had said from day one, it'll be two years until you get it, I would have been disappointed but ultimately satisfied that it is coming. Instead I'm immensely frustrated with the inept eejits that is collective known as BT.

Alas, with no Cable in my area (not that I fancy my chances with Virgin's customer service either), I cannot vote with my feet. BT still control the phone networks and in non-major urban hubs there is little chance anybody else will ever see it as viable.

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