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Internet of things, IPv6 WatchThursday 11th September 2014
I have just been doing some maintenance on my internal network (I'm getting an uneasy feeling about all these "smart" devices sloshing around in the pool, so I have decided to start segregating them off to their own network), and noticed that my 2014 model Samsung "Smart" TV is only requesting IPv4 addresses.

The model in question is a UE32H5500, but I can only assume the same is for others in the H5500 range and probably the entire 2014 line-up.

What does this mean? Nothing really. But the Internet Of Things was supposed to usher in a world of connected devices, which requires IPv6. Whilst stuck on IPv4 these smart devices are limited to being LAN-only devices, which frankly is probably fine. IPv6 should bring us a world of being able to connect to our TVs from anywhere on the Internet; which one could imagine being able to setup recordings or even stream previously recorded content. In reality though, it is likely that this sort of thing will be done via a premium-charged/exclusive/fragmented/crap/hardlyworking manufacturer portal. So I doubt we'll see a move to IPv6 soon.

It also means I am probably still twenty years away from having a pure IPv6 LAN.

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