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Teamspeak 3 systemd startupMonday 14th November 2016
Teamspeak is a voice-chat program, useful for talking to people over the Internet. I've used it for years, but in my more recent server-builds the provided startup script is sysvinit and not systemd.

Still, it's very easy to wrap init.d scripts with a systemd service. Simply create a service file in the systemd folder, e.g. /etc/systemd/system/teamspeak.service

Pop in the details below, changing the disk paths to the relevant location - note that you often don't need to bother with defining the PID location, but you do for Teamspeak. Set the user account to whatever account you run the process under. It's a good idea to create one specifically for a service.

Description=Teamspeak 3 Server Service

ExecStart=/opt/teamspeak/ start
ExecStop=/opt/teamspeak/ stop

You can then set an automatic start on boot with the comamnd:
systemctl enable teamspeak.service

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